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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bilderberg Front man Henry Kissinger is Papal Adviser...The Coming Red Dawn...

Prominent Swiss Politician Calls For Arrest of Kissinger at Bilderberg
June 6, 2011
Swiss People’s Party representative Dominique Baettig... A prominent member of Switzerland’s largest political party has called upon federal authorities to arrest Henry Kissinger as a war criminal if he attends the 2011 Bilderberg conference of global power brokers which is set to begin on Thursday at the Hotel Suvretta House in St. Moritz…Kissinger, National Security Advisor and later Secretary of State for President Nixon and President Ford, has been accused of being complicit in a number of war crimes in Indochina, Bangladesh, Chile, Cyprus and East Timor. Numerous activists have attempted to arrest him over the years under the Geneva Conventions Act... Kissinger is a regular Bilderberg attendee and is almost certain to be present in St. Moritz.



Henry Kissinger during the 1991 Bilderberg meeting when he stated,
“Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order;
tomorrow they will be grateful.”

David Rockefeller speaking at a UN Business Conference, Sept. 14, 1994

Startling revelations from a Swiss banking insider
Moscow May 30th, 2011 - Peter Odintsov
(interview with a Swiss banker done in Mosсow 30.05.2011)
Q: In the structure of Bilderberg, is there an inner circle that knows the plans and then there is the majority who just follow orders?

A: Yes. You have the inner circle who are into Satanism and then there are the naive or less informed people. Some people even think they are doing something good, the outer circle…Yes and you know that Bilderberg was founded by Prince Bernard, a former member of the SS and Nazi party and he also worked for IG Farben…As you know they instigated terrorism paid by American money to control the political system in Italy and other European countries…They are ready and able to kill millions of people just to stay in power and in control…They have a new plan to censor the internet, because the internet is still free. They want to control it and use terrorism or what ever as a reason. They could even plan something horrible so that they have an excuse…They use huge amounts of money created out of nothing and they destroy our society and destroy the people world wide just for greed. They seek power and destroy whole countries…


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